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Licensed Bail Agent

AJ Dolinger

Bail Bond License #:19791823

Date Licensed: Feb 24, 2021

Introducing Our Reliable Licensed Bail Bond Agent, AJ Dolinger

Rely on AJ Dolinger if you or your loved one needs help with processing bail. He is dedicated to helping other people in times of crisis, allowing him to be a dependable licensed agent. With his service, you can process bail smoothly and go home as soon as possible. Contact AJ Dolinger if you need a licensed bail bond agent in the following areas in North Carolina:
  • Roxboro-Person County
  • Durham-Durham County
  • Burlington-Alamance County

How We Help You Through the Bail Bonds Process

After an arrest is made, the judge decides if the alleged crime is eligible for bail and the total bail amount. The defendant can go free once the bail is paid until the next court date. However, not everyone can afford to pay their bail. This is where Amistad Bail Bonds can help. We’ll pay the total amount for you while you pay us 15% upfront. Do note that this amount is non-refundable. It’s not the same as paying the bail yourself and getting the money back when you show up at court.

A Wide Range of Payment Options 

To make things easier for you or your loved one, we offer flexible payment options and come with 0% interest. We accept payments via cash and card, too. If your bail amount is over $10,000, you have the option to go for a 5% downpayment. 

Ready to Serve 24/7

Let AJ Dolinger or any of our licensed bail bond agents help you process bail. You can rely on our services at any time of the day. Call us today for a consultation.

Roxboro-Person County, North Carolina

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