Nothing to Worry About: The Different Types of Immigration Bonds

Many Americans are familiar with the concept of posting bail. Essentially, being a citizen of the United States requires one to be acquainted with the laws that can land them in jail. Foreigners or immigrants, on the one hand, may not be as well-versed with our legal system.

Ignorance of the law is never an excuse, but when the ICE comes knocking on your doorstep and barring you or your loved one’s entry, posting bail can help improve the situation.

For instance, there are bail bonds in Raleigh, NC available at any time of the day. Why would you spend hours in jail, at ungodly hours, when you can be productive by talking to your attorney while out on bail?

It is important for people from across the world, especially with the nation’s current sociopolitical climate, to know how they have a way out in order to get in.

Immigration Bonds: Live and Let Live

There were 1.3 million immigrants in 2014 According to the Migration Policy Institute. Mostly from India, China, Mexico, Canada, and the Philippines, the numbers make up for an 11 percent increase from the previous year.  Unfortunately, having family or friends making the “big move” can have an impact on your lives in many ways.

Conversely, arrest and detainment can only hurt their chances. To avoid this, here are three types of immigration bonds:

  • A Delivery Bond guarantees that the detainee (you or your loved one) will attend future court proceedings and will comply with a deportation order.
  • A Voluntary Departure Bond ensures that the detainee has agreed to fly out within a specific time period and pay for their own expenses.
  • A Public Safety Bond serves as an affirmation by the detainee that he or she will repay any aid from the U.S. Government during their stay.

With Amistad Bail and Immigration Bonds, You Have Nothing to Worry About

We understand the amount of stress that comes with the entire process – getting charged with an immigration crime will never be a pleasant experience. Having a loved one deal with a situation like facing jail time can cause unwanted anxiety and depression. Don’t allow this to happen.

Our team of licensed bail bondsmen will guide you and your loved ones through the whole process of reclaiming freedom and getting your lives back to normal. Get in touch today at 919-790-6887.