Immigration Violations for Which You Can Be Detained by ICE

People move to the USA in the hope of a brighter future. Whether it is about better employment opportunities, the diverse cultural landscape, education, or a fresh start, there are several reasons why the States are a home to global immigrants. While immigration can open the doors of a whole new world for people, any violation of immigration laws can make them land in ICE detention centers. Yes, you can contact professionals for US immigration bonds to get you out of the detention facilities, but if you don’t want to be there in the first place, take a look at these immigration offenses for which you can be booked!

1. Overstaying Your Visa

One of the most common immigration violations is overstaying a visa. When a foreign national remains in the United States beyond the expiration date of their visa, they become unlawfully present. ICE can detain individuals who have overstayed their visas, potentially leading to removal proceedings.

2. Unauthorized Employment

Engaging in unauthorized employment in the United States while on a tourist visa or without proper work authorization is another violation that can lead to detention. ICE takes employment violations seriously, and those found in violation may face detention and deportation.

3. Criminal Convictions

Individuals with criminal convictions, especially for serious offenses, are at a higher risk of being detained by ICE. Certain crimes, such as drug trafficking, violent crimes, and fraud, can lead to detention and removal proceedings, even for legal immigrants.

4. Entry Without Inspection

Entering the United States without proper inspection or documentation is considered illegal. Those who enter without inspection or cross the border illegally may be subject to detention and deportation if apprehended by ICE.

5. Violating the Terms of a Visa

Each type of visa has specific terms and conditions attached to it. Violating these terms, such as working on a student visa without proper authorization, can result in detention. It’s essential to understand and adhere to the terms of your visa to avoid such violations.

6. Failure to Comply with Deportation Orders

Individuals who have been issued deportation orders but fail to comply with them are at risk of being detained by ICE. It’s crucial to follow the legal process and cooperate with authorities to avoid detention.

7. Visa Fraud

Providing false information or fraudulent documentation when applying for a visa or during the immigration process is a severe violation. If discovered, it can lead to detention and potential removal from the United States.


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