What Are Immigration Bonds And How Do They Work?

immigration bonds

Homeland Security has been ordered by President Trump to crack down on immigration in the United States.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents have been getting widespread coverage in the news for arresting and detaining immigrants.

The entire process can be frightening and confusing. Clearly, the same rules as a typical arrest do not apply.

People in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia are wondering what to do if they or a loved one is detained or arrested by ICE.

So, how do immigration bonds work when dealing with ICE?

We know this can be a scary time. Don’t worry, we can help.

Understanding how ICE operates, what an immigration bond is, and how you can get one is your best defense.

Let’s get you prepared for these types of bonding situations with the facts.

At Amistad Bail and Immigration Bonds, we know how to help.

First off, these are the facts:

ICE is Becoming More Active

ICE is not just a political discussion. They are more active everywhere in the United States right now.

Take a look at the headlines:

In Oregon:

ICE agents detain Oregon ‘Dreamer’ who has misdemeanor for DUI”

In Massachusetts:

ICE Arrests Green Card Applicants In Lawrence, Signaling Shift In Priorities.”

Think it’s everywhere else? ICE has been cracking down right here in the Carolinas as well:

In February 2017, ICE agents arrested “more than 100 undocumented immigrants in the Carolinas.”

Since there is a greater chance of ICE detaining you, your family, and your loved ones, what can you do if you do get arrested?

You need a bond. In immigration cases, there are different rules though.

What are Immigration Bonds?

Much like traditional bonds, immigration bonds have a variety of options for releasing a detainee from custody.

Delivery Bond

Like other Delivery Bonds, in immigration cases this type of bond allows an individual to be released from detainment to prepare for their court date.

But if they fail to show up for their court date, the bond will be forfeited.

A Delivery Bond requires a Notice of Custody Conditions and Warrant of Arrest be presented by ICE. If this isn’t present, a detainee is not eligible for a Delivery Bond.

Voluntary Departure Bond

With ICE detainees, some are given the option to leave the US voluntarily. This is done at their own expense by a specified time period.

This type of bond is refundable when the detainee has left the country. The bond will be forfeited if the person fails to leave the country though.

How Do They Work?

A trusted Bail Bond agent works with friends or family to secure the release of the detainee.

Immigration bonds are different than criminal bonds. Your Bail Bond agent will accept 100% collateral in the form of cash or property.

They will then help facilitate the payment of the bond for those who:

  • Are Not Legal US Residents
  • Don’t Know Where To Pay
  • Aren’t Sure How To Pay
  • Are Not Near An Immigration Office

A Bail Bond agent can help make things less complicated for you and your loved ones.

Get Help

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