How To Deal With A Transfer Bond

If you are traveling out of state and are arrested for something, you may have a harder time posting bail. Most bail bond agents won’t post bail for someone who lives out of state. What they will do is make a transfer bond, and contact a bail agent in your home state.

What Is A Transfer Bond?

A transfer bond is when a bail bond is posted for you from your home state when you are arrested in another state. This allows your family or friends to go to your local bail bond office and fill out the paperwork for you. If you are in another state, you may not have anyone who is willing to do that for you. By transferring the bond to your home state, you can have the peace of mind in knowing that someone will be available to help you out.

Extra Fees

You may incur an extra fee for the transfer of your bond. Two agencies have to be involved, making phone calls on your behalf. There is extra paperwork involved and extra man hours. The fee is usually capped by the state in which you are, so you won’t have to worry about it being sky high, but it is something to consider when posting bail out of state.

Who Is Financially Liable?

The bail bond agent that requests that the bond be written is the one who is financially responsible for the bond. If the defendant doesn’t pay, the agent who the bond has been transferred to is held responsible. Amistad Bail and Immigration Bonds can help you post bail wherever you are. We communicate with Surety to find a local agent and can help you post your bail anywhere.

From a business standpoint, it only makes sense to transfer a bond that is over $10,000. There is a lot of cost involved with posting bail out of state, and it only makes sense for large bail amounts. If you are traveling out of state and find yourself in this situation, give us a call. We can expedite the process with electronic paperwork and ease of access. Your family or friends won’t even have to come to our office, they can simply fill everything out at home. Trust Amistad Bail and Immigration Bonds for all your needs.