What Do You Need to do to Become a Bail Bondsman?

For the last couple of years, one of the ways to get out of jail has been to hire a bail bondsman. It is a great service for those who are locked up and don’t have a fast solution for posting bail. To become one, you’ll need to complete the training, testing, and licensing requirements.

Despite a 0.8 percent decrease in crime in the nation, people are still getting in trouble with the law. Common crimes include domestic violence, theft, weapons offenses, and others. Whether the accused is guilty or not, it will be up to you to bail them out as soon as possible.

As such, your role is crucial for the justice system to work well. Keep reading if you are interested in becoming a bail bondsman.

The process of Becoming a Bail Bondsman

Bail agents help people maintain their reputation after an arrest. They do this by getting you out of jail quickly, which protects your privacy. Your prison stay will be brief, which will allow you to start preparing your legal defense.

Here are the steps you should take if you are interested in becoming a bail bondsman:

1. Find Out the State Regulations

The first step is to check the rules of the state you are in. Does it allow bail bonding? What are the bail bonding license requirements?

Once you know the answers to such questions, the focus now turns on you. Are you eligible for the job? This involves being over 18 years and having a GED. The rest is about your physical and mental capacities.

If everything seems fine then you can move on to the next step.

2. Confirm the Training and Testing

Some bondsmen go to college and get degrees in fields such as law. Though it isn’t necessary for bail bonding, these degrees give special knowledge. For example, a law degree will teach the bondsman how the legal system works.

Yet, to get a bail bonds license, an individual must take the state’s licensing exam. In other cases, you may have to take a pre-licensing course. This bail bond training course gives you the basics about your future work.

Check with the state’s Department of Insurance to find bail bondsman schools. After your training, pay examination fees of about $100 and take the licensing test.

3. Apply for a License

Fill an application form for a state license and pay any necessary fees. You can get this form from the Department of Insurance website. Submit your test scores as well.

You may need to pass a background check. Once everything is clear, you’ll get a license that lasts between one and three years. You may have to do another test before you qualify for a license renewal.

4. Join a Bail Bond Company

Armed with your license, you can now apply for a job at one of the bail bond companies in your area. Here, you’ll get more experience in the industry.

If you’d rather start your own company, you’ll need to apply for a business license. Also, you’ll pay a surety bond. Moreover, your financial status will have to be good since you’ll need to pay people’s bail.

Learn More About Bail Bonds

As you can see, starting to work as a bail bondsman doesn’t involve a complicated process. Research the state laws, take the training courses and do the tests. After that, apply for a license and start doing the job.

Contact us to learn more about bail bonds.

6 Steps To Becoming A Bail Bondsman In North Carolina

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A bail bondsman helps your love one get back home as soon as possible when they end up in jail. Many have consider the possibility of becoming a bail bondsman in North Carolina but can’t seem to find the resources that will get them started. A few steps must be followed to begin your career as a North Carolina bail bondsman:

Step 1: Meet The Minimum Bail Licensing Requirements

In order for you to be eligible to apply for a bail bondsman license in North Carolina, there are a few requirements, which include the following: Continue reading “6 Steps To Becoming A Bail Bondsman In North Carolina”

Becoming a Bail Bondsman in North Carolina

In past posts, we’ve discussed the qualities required to be an effective bail bondsman. We know that it takes personal conviction and strength of character to succeed in this business. To give yourself the best advantages and career longevity, it’s best to be licensed by the North Carolina Department of Insurance (NCDOI).  Amistad will guide you through the entire licensing process in becoming a bail bondsman in NC.


In North Carolina, you must be 18 years old, a resident of NC that has never been convicted of a felony, have worked for at least 12 months for a bail bond agent who has been licensed for two years or more if you are seeking a license as a licensed bail agent, be free of any outstanding bonds, and must not have been disqualified to participate in such a business. Please be certain to check any updated requirements on the NCDOI website.


Currently, the only way to apply for a bail bond license in North Carolina is to file one online. One must attend a pre-licensing class prior to application, so be sure to see when the next one is in an area closest to you. At that time, you’ll receive valuable instruction regarding the application process. Be sure to allocate the appropriate amount of time in your schedule. The class is spread over the course of two days.


Within about two months, you’ll receive a letter authorizing you to take the required written examination. In the letter, you’ll gain information on how to register and where attendance is possible. The examination takes approximately two hours and consists of multiple choice questions. A score of seventy percent is required to qualify.


You’ll receive your license within 10 business days if you pass the written examination. Do not lose hope if you do not pass. You’re allowed to take the test yearly until the qualifications are met. After receiving your license, security deposits are necessary to ensure your business standing. These fees adjust yearly so contact the NCDOI for more information regarding the exact amounts.

We want to see everyone succeed in life. At Amistad Bail and Immigration Bonds, not only do we want to ensure health and happiness to our clients, but we want to assist anyone who sees a future in our field of expertise. Feel free to give us a call with any questions you may have regarding a career in bail bonds.