How Can an Immigration Bond Company Help in Texas?

Texas is home to a diverse and growing population of immigrants who come to the US in search of better opportunities. However, when these foreign nationals violate US immigration laws, they may face repercussions from the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) team. ICE can arrest non-citizens for entering or staying in the US with the requisite paperwork. They can also apprehend and detain immigrants for partaking in cross-border crimes. Texas currently has the highest number of detained immigrants out of all states, with 9974 detainees across its 20+ detention centers. If your loved one is among these detainees, you can contact an immigration bond company to seek help! What role does an immigration bond provider play, and how can they help in Texas? Let’s break it down.

How do Immigration Bonds Work?

When an immigrant is arrested by ICE, they are taken to a detention center to wait for further processes. The ICE officials or an Immigration Judge reviews each detainee’s case and determines the amount to secure their release. The eligibility criteria to get released with an immigration bond are as follows:

  • The detainee must not have any serious criminal record.
  • The detainee must not pose a threat to the community.
  • The detainee should have a low flight risk, with a high likelihood of attending the Court proceedings.

Once the bond amount is set, the detainee’s contacts can pay this sum and help them get out of the detention center. While they can pay directly to the ICE-ERO authorities, most people prefer to work with an immigration bail bond company to streamline the process.

Role of an Immigration Bond Company

Hiring an experienced bond provider is the easiest way to post immigration bonds in Texas. Here’s what they can do to help:

  • Guide the Detainee’s Friends and Family: When a person is arrested by ICE, their loved ones may feel confused and overwhelmed by the ordeal. In such a situation, an expert immigration bond provider can help them understand the process by simplifying the details.
  • Locate the Detainee: The immigration bond provider can help the family locate a detainee using the Online Detainee Locator System. With details like the person’s name, date of birth, place of birth, and alien number, they can find out where the immigrant is detained.
  • Post a Surety Bond: An immigration bond provider can post a surety bond by contacting the nearest payment location. They can make an electronic payment and save you the hassle of visiting the bond acceptance facility.
  • Minimize the Financial Burden: Many families cannot afford the entire bond amount. In such cases, they can pay a premium to the immigration bond provider and submit property collateral to facilitate the bond. This option can help them save liquid cash and alleviate the financial strain at this stressful time.
  • Ensure Accountability: An immigration bond agent posts a surety bond on behalf of the client, guaranteeing that the immigrant will attend all Court hearings. Hence, they help to keep the person accountable, reminding them of Court dates and guiding them to stay on track.

Thus, an immigration bond company can provide end-to-end support throughout the bond facilitation process. Amistad is one of the top providers of immigration bonds in the country, helping countless families bring their loved ones home. Contact them today for immigration bonds in Houston, Texas, or any other location across the US!