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Experienced Immigration Bail Bond Agents in Louisiana

Your loved one’s detainment is stressful for both of you. They could be living in cramped conditions without proper medical care in an ICE immigration detention center. The good news is that you can get them temporarily released with our immigration bail bonds in Louisiana.

Amistad Bail Bonds will handle the whole bail posting process for you. You’ll have a highly reliable immigration bond agent working on your loved one’s case to have you two reunited.

How Immigration Bonds Work

ICE determines your loved one’s immigration bail bond amount. If they deem your loved one ineligible for a bond or set a high bond amount, your loved one can request a bond hearing to contest ICE’s decision. Keep in mind that bonds may be unavailable to those that entered the U.S. illegally, have a criminal conviction, or failed to follow a previous deportation order.

Once the bond is paid, your loved one will be released with the understanding that they must attend their court hearings. If they don’t, the bail is forfeited, and their case is likely to be compromised.

However, the immigration bond payment process is time-consuming and confusing. Hiring Amistad Bail Bonds will make the immigration bond payment process more manageable. We accept the following forms of payment:

  • Full cash collateral: The total bond amount + 2% of the bond amount + $100 application fee
  • 15% premium cost of the immigration bond total + a lien on real property

How We Help

Flexible Payment Options

Our team is here to lighten your financial burden. By choosing us, you get access to a flexible payment plan that takes your situation and budget into account. Must qualify!

24/7 Services

Contact us whenever it’s most convenient for you. Even after regular working hours, you’ll get assistance with immigration bond cases in Louisiana.

Faster Release

The bail process is time-consuming. Your bail bondsman is familiar with it and can get it done in as little time as possible so that you can see your loved one soon.

Where to Pay

Your loved one’s immigration bail bond can be paid for in the following cities’ bond acceptance facilities:

  • New Orleans
  • Oakdale

Immigration Detention Facilities in Louisiana

If your loved one was detained in Louisiana, they could be taken to any of the following ICE immigration detention facilities:

  • Allen Parish Public Safety Complex
  • Bossier Parish Medium Security Facility
  • Jackson Parish Correctional Center
  • LaSalle ICE Processing Center
  • Natchitoches Parish Detention Center
  • Pine Prairie ICE Processing Center
  • Richwood Correctional Centers
  • River Correctional Center
  • South Louisiana ICE Processing Center
  • Winn Correctional Center

Bilingual Services

There’s a chance of misunderstanding when talking to a bondsman that doesn’t speak your first language. This could lead to communication errors that lower your loved one’s chances of winning their case.

Avoid miscommunication by working with Amistad Bail Bonds. Our immigration bail bond services in Louisiana are available in both English and Spanish.

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