Difference between Delivery and Departure Immigration Bonds in Texas

In the complex realm of immigration law in Texas, different legal procedures and processes are set in motion to ensure the smooth entry and exit of individuals in and out of a country. One such significant aspect of immigration law is an immigration bond, serving as a financial guarantee for accused immigrants until their immigration bond hearing. If you think all immigration bonds in Texas are the same, let us tell you, they are not. Immigration bonds are further categorized into delivery and departure bonds. Wondering what these are and what’s best for you? Read on to discover more!

Delivery Immigration Bond:

As a defendant, if you choose a delivery immigration bond, this means you want to fight the charges brought forth against you. Although the process can be lengthy, you can have your case heard by an immigration judge who can determine if you are permitted to remain in the country or if you will be removed involuntarily.

With a delivery immigration bond, immigrants must remain cooperative with the ICE agency until their case is resolved. They must attend all appointments and court proceedings until their case concludes, and if they fail to appear at the ICE facility or court, they run the risk of being arrested once again or forfeit the money paid to secure the immigration bond.

Departure Immigration Bond:

Also known as a voluntary departure bond, a departure immigration bond allows an individual to voluntarily leave the country within a specified timeframe at their own expense after they pay their bail bond. The bond amount is completely refundable if the individual departs as directed, otherwise, the immigrant has to forfeit the amount.

Typically, a departure bond starts at a minimum of $500, but it can reach several thousand dollars as well. Essentially, with this type of bond, the immigrant gives up their opportunity to have their case heard before a judge, which means there is no possibility that they will be permitted to remain in the United States. A departure bond is a good option for those who fear deportation is indispensable. They can instead leave the country without waiting for a court-ordered removal, and this doesn’t go on their permanent record.

If the immigrant leaves voluntarily, they might also get to return after a significant period, and in addition, ICE also grants immigrants a departure bond period of 30-90 days before their departure. So, the immigrant can use this time to get their affairs in order in the United States and their home country to make the relocation simpler. Remember that, if you opt for a delivery bond and are involuntarily removed, you might not have this opportunity.


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