Checking Eligibility for Immigration Bond- Are You Eligible?

North Carolina is a melting pot of diverse populations hailing from different countries and Greensboro is no exception. Although the place offers a plethora of opportunities for immigrants who want to build a life for themselves, the real question is does everyone follow the immigration procedure properly? Those who do can make a life for themselves as well as their family in the States and change their status to permanent lawful residents, whereas others who deviate from the immigration laws and land in the ICE facility have to opt for bail bonds in Greensboro, NC.

If you belong to the latter group for now and wondering what factors determine your eligibility for an immigration bond, read on to find out.

Legal Status

If an individual is in the United States without proper authorization or has overstayed their visa, they are in an unlawful status. In such cases, their eligibility for an immigration bond might be at risk. However, not all individuals in unlawful status are automatically ineligible. Certain circumstances, such as humanitarian reasons or asylum claims, may be considered during the bond determination.

Criminal History

Those with a criminal record, particularly those convicted of serious offenses, may face challenges in getting an immigration bond. Immigration authorities prioritize public safety and may view individuals with criminal backgrounds as potential risks for flight or posing a danger to society. Nevertheless, each case is assessed individually, and certain mitigating factors may play a role in getting a bail bond.

Flight Risk

One of the primary concerns of immigration authorities when considering a bond request is whether the individual is a flight risk. If someone is a flight risk, they are more likely to flee the country to avoid immigration proceedings. Factors such as family ties in the country, stable employment, and community connections can be important in proving ties that mitigate this risk. Demonstrating a strong connection to the community and compelling reasons to stay in the United States can increase the chances of being eligible for an immigration bond.

History of Compliance

Immigration officials also consider an individual’s history of compliance with immigration laws. If the arrested individual has a record of previous immigration violations or fails to appear at immigration hearings, their chances of getting bail might be in jeopardy. Conversely, individuals who have a clean compliance history are more likely to be considered for bond eligibility, as they have demonstrated their willingness to abide by immigration regulations.


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