After Release – Do Your Part

We at Amistad Bail and Immigration Bonds put our reputation, time, and money on the line to make sure our clients are able to satisfy a prison release before trial. Our relationship may be legal, but it requires a lot of give and take to keep everyone satisfied.

Once you’ve been released, our journey together is just beginning. Here are a few considerations that should come into play on our road to making this process as easy and stress free on you and your loved ones.


Communication is essential in every aspect of life, but when it comes to where you are, when you’re there, and why you’re there, between your release and your court date, it is important to be as open and honest with your bail bondsman as possible. They are responsible for you. They respect you enough to put their time and money on the line to secure your release. Being as transparent with them as possible extends that courtesy back to them. Moving, leaving the state, and/or leaving the country may all be in violation with your orders. Talking openly with your bail bondsman can ensure that you are not unintentionally violating conditions of your release. Missing a court date is frowned upon. Discuss any valid reasons for such a thing with your bail bondsman. In general, open communication will ensure the situation goes smoothly.


In case you may not have been as good with communication before a possible missed court date, it’s best to be as up front with your bail bondsman after a missed court date. We hope that under any and all circumstances, all appearances are respected and taken seriously, but if a court date is missed, it’s best get in touch with us as soon as possible to reschedule. It is our responsibility to make sure you arrive in court. If you do not, we must locate you and potentially return you to authorities without a return of your premium. It is in your best interest and that of your loved ones to stay in contact with your bail bondsman even if a court date is missed – especially if a court date is missed.


If you hadn’t noticed in the first few pointers, communication is key to having a solid relationship with your bail bondsman. Though your bondsman doesn’t need to know that you switched tooth paste brands upon your release, it is his reputation and money that secured your release. No matter what your circumstances are after that release, staying in touch with your bondsman is essential. It gives you peace of mind and assists in a smooth process overall.

If you have any questions regarding the process of securing a bail bond or if you have specific details regarding your own situation you’d like to discuss, please reach out to us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (919) 790-6887.