A 24-Hour Bail Bondsman Is What You Need To Resolve Your Situation Faster

Throughout North Carolina and in many other states, some important businesses choose to keep “banker’s hours.” Early on in defining what our business would be about, we decided that we would make your convenience one of our top priorities.
When people find themselves in need of a bail bondsman in North Carolina, they are usually upset, confused, and worried. There’s no reason why dealing with a bail bondsman should add to these concerns and tensions.

Streamlining The Process Of Bail Is One Of Our Most Important Concerns

One of the issues that people may deal with when looking for a bail bondsman is that many of them can only accept and verify papers when their office happens to be open.

Unfortunately, there is a fair bit of paperwork involved in any bail bond transaction, for the protection of clients, the business, and the individual who needs bail.

One of the ways our team is different from others is that we can send and process documents online. We give you the ability to sign electronically so you don’t need to keep an appointment in our office or use a fax, scanner, or other device — just a computer or phone with internet.

The process of making electronic signatures part of our business was a complex one because of all the regulations that need to be followed. For you, though, it means our services are just a click away no matter what time it is.

The Sooner Your Loved One Is Free, The Faster You Can Move Forward

Once your loved one goes free, he or she will not doubt want to seek legal counsel and other resources to handle the challenges of the future. The faster you receive your bail bonds, the easier it will be to make those decisions.

Time is of the essence in any situation where someone has gone to jail. Because of that, we strive make things easier for you. While we cannot give legal advice, we can answer all your questions about the bail bond process quickly and easily.

Release times vary across the state of North Carolina. Once a bail bond is secured, release could take anywhere from twenty minutes to a full day. This often depends on the regular operating schedule of the correctional facility — which means you could lose two whole days if you don’t use a 24-hour bail bondsman.

For the best in 24-hour bail bond services in North Carolina, call Amistad Bail and Immigration Bonds now.